Last updated: September 17, 2020

A. Definitions

This Terms and Conditions page "Application" refers to the Tennispanel page and any other services related to the Website offered solely by the Tennispanel Application.

The term "visitor" refers to all users who have either registered or are using the services of Tennispanel.

The term "administrator" refers to visitors who have registered with the tennis club they manage as well as guests who have been given an administrator right to a registered tennis club by the principal.

The term "main manager" refers to the club administrator who has complete control over the club account and can add and delete administrators to his club.

By "user" we can refer to anyone who uses the application, either as a regular visitor, or as a manager of both a club or the application itself.

The term "advertiser" refers to a user of the application who has paid and is entitled for a certain period of time the number of impressions that he has selected in the application

Visitors, users, advertisers and administrators must accept before any use of the application the terms and conditions unreservedly and without any objection l. They also agree to accept any subsequent changes and changes to the terms of which they have been informed earlier by email the notification from the application. I also accept all and without exception the terms and conditions set forth in the "Privacy Policy" as well as the Cookies policy adopted by the application. Compliance and acceptance with all the above policies of the application is mandatory and the user / visitor / administrator agrees to adopt and implement them otherwise it is required to remove and not use the application.

B. Content(Privacy Policy)

The club administrators are solely responsible for the information published on the profile and other relevant pages of the Club for which they have the rights to post, post and comment. The application is not responsible for this information as it does not interfere in updating them. However, it may inform the administrator about the possible deactivation of its account in case it is judged by the application that the content published by the administrators of the specific club does not comply with the Terms and Conditions and the Content Policy. In case the managers of the specific club do not comply then the application has the right to partially or permanently terminate the specific account without any possibility of compensation of the account administrator for the rest of his subscription.

Cases that can lead to account termination are:

  • Publication of misleading material and fake news or information
  • Publication of Illegal material or information that promotes or aims at illegal activity
  • Use the application in such a way that it can cause a problem in its proper operation
  • Use of the application for the purpose of extracting information material without the consent of the application
  • Publish content that is offensive in any way written, video or audio

    Administrators must use users of the application who are real visitors to their clubs. Fake, false and inaccurate accounts can lead to temporary or permanent termination of both users 'and administrators' and club accounts even if there is an active paid subscription.

    The application follows the following publicity policy user data The name, photo and location of all users are displayed in search fields within the application so that administrators can include them in reservations, workouts, etc.

    Club profiles are public by default.

    User details are not displayed in public reservations. Users and visitors can not see who is included in bookings other than their own. Administrators do not have access to reservation information for clubs other than their own.

    However, user data may be displayed publicly when they have registered for public events or activities such as a tournament in which the race schedule and results must be displayed publicly. In this case the club can publicly register the name of a natural person who is not a user of the application in order to properly view the match of the tournament

    For more on how we manage our content you can refer to Content Policy

    C. Copyright

    All rights, including commercial rights and database rights in the Website and its contents, are owned or licensed by Global Sustain (Tennispanel Application Administrator) or otherwise used by Global Sustain as permitted by applicable law or the rights holder. No part of this site may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, without the prior written permission of, and any existing source code and software for any commercial or public purpose without the prior approval of Global Sustain or the copyright holder. You may not adopt, modify or create any of the material or information on this Website or use it for any purpose other than your personal non-commercial use. You agree that you will use this Website only for lawful purposes.

    Global Sustain reserves the right to use for its own purposes any material submitted to the Website, including images and graphics, either on the Website or in any other form, including for advertising purposes. Global Sustain reserves the right to review submissions to the Website and to correct or reject any of them.

    D. Disclaimer

    We make every effort to ensure that the information on this Website is accurate, complete and up to date. By using this Website, however, you agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions that apply on the date of your first use of this Website.

    Without prejudice to your statutory rights, the Website as well as all information, texts, names, images, photographs, logos, links and icons and all other material (without limitation) are provided "AS IS "and" ACCORDING TO AVAILABILITY "without warranty or representation of representation, express or implied. In particular, we do not warrant or represent the accuracy or completeness of the information provided on this Website, nor do we warrant that the use of this Website will be uninterrupted or error free, nor that this Website and its servers will operate without interruption. viruses or computer errors. In no event will Global Sustain be liable to any person for any damage or loss that may result from the use of any information contained on our Website or products / services presented on our Website including, without limitation, indirect or consequential damages or any damage that may result from the use or loss of use of data or profits either due to the contract, or negligence or any other tort that arises or is related to the use of the Website.

    Notwithstanding anything else in these Terms and Conditions we are not bound by any claim related to the functionality or availability of this Website.

    E. External links

    Global Sustain does not represent, warrant, endorse or endorse any external websites that may link to this Website. Any external Website you visit by clicking on a link on this Website is beyond the control of Global Sustain and you visit it at your own risk.

    F. Jurisdiction

    These Terms and Conditions will be governed by and will be drafted in accordance with the laws of Greece. Disputes that may arise from the present will be in the absolute jurisdiction and jurisdiction of the courts of Greece. In the event that any of these Terms and Conditions are determined to be illegal, invalid or otherwise unenforceable due to applicable law in any of the countries or states in which these Terms are intended to apply then they will be removed and deleted from this clause. All other Terms of Use and Terms and Conditions will remain in full force and effect and will continue to be binding and enforceable.

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